Thursday, April 18, 2013

Westward Snow

Wait, can we just take a moment and talk about the fact that I'm on vacation and there's thirteen inches of snow outside? And that it's warmer now in NYC than Colorado?! 
I thought coming to the West coast involved laying on mountain tops, soaking up the sun, and hiking around in shorts and sweaters. BUT, just like any other big city in this country I guess comes with bi-polor weather. Colorado is different though. Yes, it's snowing but because of the low humidity you can simply wearing an oversized sweater (with layers underneath, of course) to keep you warm. Plus, the snow out is so pretty it reflects, unlike the dirty disgusting snow in New York City.
Although I thought my entire trip was going to be sunny and bright, I still have a couple of things to look forward to like: the warm weather coming later on in the week and I still have a couple more days here with so much more to see! So for now, I'll just enjoy playing in the snow.

Photos by: Ila Camacho

(H&M fedora, ASOS sunglasses, Joe Fresh button up, Paprika sweater, BDG jeans, JD Fisk boots)


  1. Nice pics! I loove the colors of the outfit contrasting with the Snow White background !

  2. Great look! You look awesome ;)

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