Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birds of a feather flock together

....Four shots of tequila later, we decided to get creative by doing (I guess) a little DIY project? This is what happens when you visit your friend who goes to art school. But, it was fun! It involved face painting, feathers, and a flash light; which created dramatic background shadows. Do it yourself (DIY) was probably the best solution of the night, considering we were unable to go up to the mountains that night from snowy weather conditions. 
Its crazy how one day in Denver you're wearing a sweater and shorts enjoying the sun, then the next you're bundling up in layers trying to keep warm from the three inches of snow accumulating up in the mountains. 
"Welcome to Colorado!" - as my best friend Ila would say.

(Disclaimer: No real birds where harmed in the process of this shoot)

Models: Ila Camacho, Kaitlyn Davenport, & myself.


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