Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visits at Chaos NYC

Photos by Lola Waters

Recently, I dropped by one of my favorite clothing&homes stores in New York City, Chaos. (located on 20th & Broadway) If you ever get the chance to visit you cannot miss this store because the name speaks for itself. Complete and utter Chaos! It's a bright, fun, and lively store that once you enter you feel as if you have just flashed back to your childhood days.
Something about the vibrant colors and designs seen throughout the entire store make me what to let my hair down, (that I don't have) let loose, and shop! Or play around.. (i.e. me playing on the staircase) 
Regardless of me acting like a complete child, the real reason of visiting Chaos NYC was to showcase to you all their new merchandise which I am so excited about! With the oversized jewelry and quirky graphic tee's, I cannot wait to show you what I got my hands on.
Stay tuned!

(vintage blazer, H&M Martin Margiela half tuxedo half button up, American Apparel slacks, Y.r.u. loafers, ASOS sunnies, Alexis Bittar pin and rings)


  1. cool pics

  2. I like your look! Pin is perfect!! And you look cool with those glasses, good job :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks doll! They're my new favorite!

  4. Why are you so fabulous???

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