Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold Casual Weeks

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I've been so unbelievably boring this week in my daily ensemble ("ootd's"), I would laugh, but instead I just cry. No seriously...I always get this way when the weather starts to become uncomfortably cold. It's a chilling 19 degrees in NYC, aka my outfits become all about comfort and warmth. 
That being said, this week for me has been all about layering! I layer underneath sweaters by adding a nice plaid button up, and over sweaters with a nice infinity scarf that'll hug your little neck toasty.
  By the way, I hate the cold, I don't do cold!

This week I also have been sporting beanies and snapback hats! Reason one: Did I mention it's 19 degrees in New York City!? And reason two: they keep my head and ears nice and warm. Plus, it's a great excuse to add accessories to quirk up any look.
At least I'm finally starting to wear my converse again! They're just that simple, classic, casual shoe that everyone wears yet, everyone's chucks look different, and tell a story of their journey. Perfect for casual days. 
Anywho, I apologize for my dull attire this week but, don't blame me, blame this chilling cold.
Stay warm everyone!! xo