Friday, February 27, 2015


Photos by: Jessie Cheng 

| Hat/scarf set: Quinn, Sweater: Quinn, Pants: Quinn, Boots: Base London

I'm actually really nice in green, but you get the point.
For some reason, I feel as if these photos were taken forever ago. These go back to the third day of New York Fashion Week which was only a week and a half ago today where I was feeling very.....GREEN.
All dressed strictly in Quinn. Which by the way, they're having a killer sale right now. 70% off the entire store! If I were you, I would stock up on my leather, cashmere, and wool before it's all gone! For the discounted price, it's basically a steal. 

Also, a little bit of a time change for tomorrow's Deondra Jereé's Fall 2015 Preview! 
It will be from 6pm-8pm at 580 8th Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, NY.
Hope those who live in the area will be able to make it!


  1. love this look

  2. <3

  3. You look absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  4. Cute scarf! Green really fits you!

  5. Wow what an amazing and inspiring blog post! :) I really enjoyed reading it and I also like your blog a lot! :) Keep up the great work, I'm a fan!

    xoxo Jealsea

  6. The hat and scarf are just too fab! Great styling too.