Friday, February 8, 2013

Timo Weiland Menswear Fall 2013

Photos by: me, myself, and I.

The Timo Weiland boy this season seems well-put together with a spark of edge. He is definitely mixing classic, simple menswear pieces with exciting, punky pieces that insure heads will turn. My favorite piece that I was literally drooling over during this presentation was the red & black brim hats. The black, of course, being my favorite however; the way the red brim hat was styled seemed effortless. A simple black and white look with a pop of color red. I died! Very chic for menswear.
(Timo Weiland brim hats are now (hopefully) my future, btw.) 
I think it's safe to say that fall fashion will be a time for men to experiment with something besides plain-jane sweaters. I love the navy puppy sweater and the way it's being layered. Long-sleeve button down underneath with a scarf-ish shawl overtop, why not? Different textures, prints, and colors are coming into play with menswear fashion which one: makes me so effing excited, and two: gives men the chance to have fun in their wardrobe while still maintaing heir masculinity.