Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alon Livne Fall 2013 Presentation

I'd be lying if I said: the Alon Livne presentation wasn't my favorite presentation thus far for NYFW. Everything about this one hour showing was incredible. From the display/lighting to the clothes, it all told a story. Alon Livne was perfection! I was even surprised to hear that it was his first showing at fashion week!
This show was my favorite because all the looks were in all black, yet each offered something special. The structure and hand-beading on the garments were literally breathtaking. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with the designer afterwards to talk about the collections background inspiration, considering the non-stop interviews he was doing, however; if I were to guess, I would say: Elegant Warriors.
This fall 2013, Alon Livne delivered sleek, chic, structured, mysterious, badass looks that left me wanting more! I cannot wait to see what Alon Livne does next season! Thank you so much for having me at your show! xo

Photos by me, Joel Moore