Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York Fashion Week: Day 1

Photos by: www.itsprettyperfect.com

Let's flash back to the first day of New York Fashion Week, shall we? The day before the snow storm Nemo hit. It seems like forever ago! The shows my friend Mimi I attended that day, February 7th, were: Concept Korea, Timo Weiland womens, and the Timo Weiland men's presentation. We actually ended up being a little late to the Timo Weiland women's show considering the photographers outside could not stop obsessing over Mimi's moon-walk (barley there) heels. But who wouldn't? It's not everyday you see a shoe like that.
Stay tuned to more fashion week posts! Also, there's ton's of NYFW shots on my Instagram: MooreJoel

(H&M Hat, Joe Fresh turtle-neck, Alexis Bittar necklace, vintage blazer, H&M jacket, BDG jeans, Impulse boots)


  1. OHH honey you are such a sweet heat and you looked amazing on Fashion Week :D

    1. No, you're sweet! It was nice meeting you! Hope you had a safe trip home! Cant wait to see you in the fall! xo

  2. Stunning look! Perfect sunglasses :)