Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wes Gordon Fall 2013 presention

I've had my eyes glued on Wes Gordon from the start and I believe he is finally figuring out who the Wes Gordon girl truly is. When I first got the word that his presentation was going to be held at the Gramercy Theatre, all I could think of is elegance. With such a history venue in New York City, how was this going to be pulled off?

The setting of the Wes Gordon presentation was dark and moody. The dim lighting definitely gave a dramatic feel to to the garments which Mr. Gordon played off of that feel by creating different shapes that added structure on most of the dresses. The deep necklines showed us that the Gordon girl can be romantic and sexy, all while still preserving her class.

It usually takes a designer six seasons to figure out who their customer is but, I would say the Wes Gordon girl is classy, elegant, rich, and at time, sexy without reveling too much.