Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Brighter days

Happy July everyone! Can you believe how fast time is flying? It's already July 1st and it seems as if yesterday was just January. Well, maybe not that far back, but you know what I mean.
Hmm, I can't help but wonder how long this month will last..

Photos by: Mimi Kurtanidze

I'm also wondering why I can't seem to get enough of this basic grey Rag & Bone tee. It's kind of become my go-to shirt haha! Basics are like the foundation of any outfit and an absolute need in any wardrobe simply because there's multiple ways to dress them up or down.
Normally I'm not into dressing so matchy-matchy but I couldn't resist throwing on this Anthropologie necklace; infatuated with how perfectly the colors matched my shorts. 
It was so meant to be.

(Rag & Bone tee, Anthropologie necklace, Max Mara shorts, American Apparel shoes, Marc Jacobs bag, MimiDaily 'Missing Senses' iPhone case)


  1. i know about the time flying thing, i too was shocked when i realized it was july. that necklace is great and awesome with the matchy-matchy ness. :)

    1. Thanks love! Check out the new postie!