Friday, June 19, 2015


J.W Anderson 

There's a very relaxed feeling of the J.W Anderson collection this season. It fits my personal style aesthetic to the t. Colorful & bright, vibrant, relaxing, and a little unisex. 


I'll be honest, I was never first in line checking for Coach. However, as of lately Coach has been killing it in my opinion. I can't help but wonder who the Coach guy is season. Is he going to a rave? In a band? Whatever he is doing can I join, please? From the animal prints, to the bold use of colors, this season had a psychedelic/trippy vibe that was oddly refreshing.
(Sign me up for those shearling pool slides)


Perhaps rubber is the new leather? Well, at least for KTZ's spring 16' collection. To me, this collection is the perfect example of "leaving something to the imagination". This collection is a tad bit revealing with the oversized transparent coats paired with tiny transparent shorts, but it's in the best way possible. 

James Long 

The different uses of prints-on-prints and fabrics is a refreshing change for menswear. This James Long collection is my favorite because he seems too cool for school. One of my favorite looks from this season is the tie-dyed pants with the black and white lace bomber jacket. 

Burberry Prorsum

Who knew I would ever crave a lace button up until this very second?! This spring season at Burberry, it seems as if left my normal day-to-day life schedule and joined a very chic folk band. I'm loving the use of lace and animal prints -- straying off from the typical Burberry man. 

Photos via: Style


Menswear is slowly approaching in New York City and I cannot wait to attend shows & presentations!
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