Tuesday, May 5, 2015


To be honest, I LIVE for a suit. Whether it's a bold color, print, or even a short suit, it's all a 2nd skin for me. However, whenever I decide to wear one - expect the unexpected. Who said suits were only for the workplace? There's always an urge in me to underdress a suit. Sneakers, sandals, and t-shirts are usually how I step away from the typical suit attire. 

Photos by: Jessie Cheng 

| suit jacket/pant: Iris & Ink, top: Quinn, sandals: ASOS, sunnies: Gypsy Warrior |

I'm obsessed with this suit by Iris & Ink from The Outnet that I got about a year ago. I've only worn it a couple times in the winter but I'm glad that it's finally nice enough in the city to let it breathe without a winter coat. 


  1. <3


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