Saturday, June 7, 2014


Photos by: Asia Minor
Sunnies: ASOS, Blazer: Crossroads Trading, Top: American Apparel, Pants: Joes Jeans, Shoes: Stampd

Technically, it's still spring until June 21st so this floral blazer is actually perfect for right now. Theres a funny story with this blazer to be honest. I actually got it last spring but it was one of those pieces that got lost in my closet. I know right! I was so upset! How you could ever lose a bold print like that?! But luckily I ended up finding it somewhere in my clutter filled wardrobe just in time to wear before it starts to get scorching hot out. 
I love pairing it with this light pink chiffon top from American Apparel. I think it matches the pink florals on the blazer perfectly. And to dress the blazer down by just a tad, ripped jeans are always good to go.


  1. lovely blazer, I have a similar one that is no where near as stylish that I picked up at a thrift store. i'm digging the pink shirt too

  2. Love the blazer!
    - Grace

  3. yes to the florals! you look amazing!

    from helen at

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  4. wow i adore your jacket <3

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  5. Glad you found it, it awesome and it does matches that shirt perfectly! Great paring!
    Thanks for stopping by! ;) xoxo