Thursday, September 26, 2013

Visits to Marie Belle

My dear friend Massiel and I recently got spoiled with sweets at Marie Belle downtown in Soho from the event coordinator Rodolfo Martinez as he invited us to the land of fine sweets. He gave us a quick tour of the mouthwatering store and also gave us a taste of some of the new chocolates, hot chocolates, and macaroons soon to be ready for order this fall/winter season. My favorites were the mini fashion inspired chocolate bites from the new Blue Box collection. This was my first time visiting Marie Belle but certainly not my last. I've never tasted so many chocolates and sweets during one sitting in my life, but of course, I loved every second of it. I wouldn't usually consider myself a super chocolate loving person but something about the richness of Marie Belle's chocolates...I couldn't resist.
If I'm ever in the Soho area on these super chilly fall nights, Marie Belle will be the perfect pit stop for quick sips of hot chocolate in their cafe. 

Thank you Rodolfo for giving us that V.I.P treatment at the Marie Belle shop! Massi and I enjoyed ourselves and hope to see you again soon! xo

Wearing: Snapback c/o Pop Culture ClothingGypsy Warrior sunnies, Jimmy Kimmel tee, vintage leather vestTheory pantsJD Fisk black chelsea boots


  1. Lovely post!
    have a nice day
    xx Julien

  2. Replies
    1. Come to nyc and you can borrow anytime milex! <3

  3. That vest is amazing!

  4. Hello from Spain: these cakes and cookies are very tempting. What appetizing!. I like your rings and your pants. Keep in touch

  5. Hey thanks man =)

    Stay tuned, something new is coming soon !!