Saturday, June 15, 2013


Surprise, surprise, I'm not in the city! I'm actually out in New Jersey spending the last weekend with a close friend before she leaves to go back to the Republic of Georgia. It's such a bitter sweet moment. Bitter because I'm going to miss the bond we've made together over the past two years, yet sweet because I know her move is for the best and that she's going accomplish so much within a year.

Photos by: Mimi Kurtanidze

So far, this summer seems fun.  Mixing and matching different prints, quirky tee's, and bold colors. I'm guessing this summer look falls into the "quirky tee" category. 
I'm loving my new UNIF tank. The stares that I got today haha, you can only imagine. 
A little girl holding hands with two cartoon characters with the words "3 Some" printed on top. Not the usual, but definitely amusing.

(UNIF tank, H&M pants, Levi's denim jacket)