Thursday, November 8, 2012

Colorful Ventures

The best part about living in New York is that no matter how much you explore the city, you will always find something new. And by finding something new, I mean finding a 200,000 sq foot graffitied-out building located in Queens. Normal, right? Regardless, it led us to getting some nice editorial, cool color-popping pictures. 
(Wow! Try to say that ten times fast)

Photos by Angelica Barredo

This building expressed so much history, color, and creativity, that I couldn't take it all in. An hour or two was probably spent snapping photos and trying to view the entire building, but not to worry, a trip back is definitely already in the works. Actually, I encourage everyone who lives in the city to take a visit to 5 Pointz to view this building because rumor has it, it won't be up for much longer. 

I guess you could say my brown on brown neutral color pallet look seemed to play in my favor considering there was so much color around, if I were wearing anything else, the outfit could have gotten completely lost. It's important to be 100% comfortable and confident in what you wear, but at the same damn time, keep it cute and professional. 
Tell me what you guys think!

(ASOS sunnies, Madewell scarf, vintage coat, American Apparel pants, H&M bag, Zara boots, YSL and Obey rings)


  1. Awesome wall, and I love that jacket! Great look.

    <3 Josephine

  2. you certainly got some series style at hands .
    love your fashion vibe in this outfit , .
    thanks for stopping by & advising me about the cardigan , am open to all new suggestions .

    would you like to follow each other ?

  3. thanks for your comment and sweet follow!
    love your style.. Gonna follow you back! :)

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