Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello, November

  From after what that biotch, Sandy has left us with, it seems as if New York City is coming out of recovery mode. Yes, some trains are still down, some are making all local stops, and most importantly, some homes are still without electricity, however; no hurricane is stopping these New Yorkers from continuing onto their day-to-day lives. Finally, the city is slowly coming back to life! A new month, a new start. I happened to start the new month off by donating clothes to serious victims of hurricane Sandy, and by clicking here, you can help too.

             Photos taken by my brother, Jonathan.

Casual Sundays are my absolute favorite! I'm pretty positive that every single person who came in contact with me today thought I went to Yale, but nope, that's just fashion for ya! Since dressing casual on Sunday is a new holiday in my book, adding a lose knit tie was a way to dress up the look up a little without really trying too hard.
 As each month passes, we're coming in closer contact to December (my birthday month) and January, which means I'm getting more excited to turn 20!! But on the other hand, bummed at the fact that it's just getting colder and colder. Since the cold and I aren't friends (the cold being 50 degrees and lower) layering up is essential. I'm only 3 layers in now, but as the month progresses, I'm sure it'll be to a casual 4 or 5. Sorry not sorry, a boy's gotta stay warm!
Other than November delivering chilly days, I'm eager to see what this month is going to bring. Everyone stay warm and happy casual Sunday!

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