Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I've been thinking about how I'm going to decorate my new apartment since I signed lease! I move in less than 15 days and all I can do is scroll through Tumblr searching for home decor ideas. For my new place, I think I want to go for a very minimalistic polished look. I'm talking whites, neutrals, lots of glass with maybe little hints of black. The theme is quite different from my personally actually. Typically I'm very into a colorful printed space but I think trying something completely opposite than what I'm use to will be interesting. My new apartment is super light and airy which is a perk I absolutely love! There's huge windows in each room that'll go great with draped white cotton curtains. But, as far as my room goes, I think that will be the only place that will consist of much color because its MY actually space where I can sit back and escape. Plus I have this huge colorful tapestry I picked up in Colorado last year that I use as a backdrop behind my bed so that one will definitely have to stay for good. I just seem to love the simplicity of it all. Coming home to a fresh apartment after a long day where the cleanup wouldn't be much. I know it takes time to fully decorate an apartment but these inspirations will just have to suffice for now.