Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fighting with oneself

The artist, Asia Minor, and her work.

Down by Union Square Friday night a new friend of mine, and a very talented artist who attends the school Photo Manhattan, debut her new art pieces. I'm very proud of her to say the least, because I know this process of developing her work took twenty-four hours of the day and seven days a week and it definitely shows in the final product.
When I admire her artwork, it reminds me of internal conflict, or fighting with oneself. The struggles, the opposites, confusing, and battles that one can go through during tough times. So inspiring.
Although some of Ms. Minor's work hits deep, you can check out beautiful landscape shots and other photos of her art on her website:
ALSO, I'm looking forward to showing everyone the some shots Asia took of myself. One word, classic.


  1. Really beautiful!

    X Jenny

  2. she took pix of you? .. share!!!

  3. I really love the photos! They are very creative! :)

  4. These photos loook really inspiring! Love how they are black and white!
    Big kiss and happy holidays,

    xxo Beckerman sistas