Monday, December 10, 2012

Alexis Bittar

If you were not at the 82nd and Madison Alexis Bittar upper east side store Thursday, December 6th, 5pm, where exactly where you? There was yummy champagne along with chocolate truffles throughout the night and let us not forget, the one and only, Alexis Bittar was there. Yes, I died. 

 The vintage window.
 With the Upper East Side Bittar team, Sooki and Kiki.

 Mimi and I being silly. 

 Mimi and I with the handsome, Alexis. 
 Autographed Alexis Bittar jewelry pouch, I'm crying.

My first time meeting Mr. Bittar was on FNO, however, meeting with him again and chatting is always a pleasure. He is such a sweet and talented man, and every season his new collection leaves me stunned and my wallet dry. 
I'm always intrigued with Alexis Bittar's conversational pieces, because they each tell a story which draws more people in. Take a look for yourself here
There's not a day that goes by that when I wear AB, I don't get compliments. Which then makes me happy to lead whomever in the right direction to his closet store. 
(Three of which are located in New York City)
I'm telling you right now people, when I die someone make sure I'm dripping in Bittar. That's all.

(Forever 21 hat, H&M turtleneck, Martin-H&M Vest, BDG pants, and of course, Alexis Bittar jewelry)


  1. i have several of his pieces, each one is a work of art

  2. I'm so mad I wasn't there! And live across the country so I couldn't be. It looks like it was a great event though! Love your hat.

    <3 Josephine

  3. wow , such artistic jewelry , love them all ,
    thanks for stopping by at my blog & giving your opinion about my outfit , loved reading it so much ,
    please come back again once in a while & keep looking , maybe follow it if you like it enough ,