Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

When I first showed my brother the pants that I would be wearing, he laughed in my face. How rude! He said, "Pumpkin, (we call each other pumpkin) I haven't seen patchwork pants since the 90's" Well, let me tell you something honeyyy, the 90's are slowly, but surely coming back. What do you guys think? Yay or nay to the patchwork pants?

Photos by Angelica Barredo

I'm confused with this bi-polor weather. One day, you're wearing a fur coat. Then the next, its nice enough out to wear just a sweater. Not complaining, I'm just confused since it is the middle of November.
I think my favorite part about starting my personal style blog is that, not only do I get to show everyone what the clothes I find most appealing, but also living in New York City, I get to share these beautiful locations the city has to offer. 
Today this beautiful place happens to be Washington Sq. Park. I've never been before, so it took some time to find however, once we arrived, it was well worth the search.

After taking a few pictures/walking around the park, Angelica and I got approached by a film crew who loved our style so much they wanted us to be featured in their music video they were shooting in the park. Of course we agreed to, little did we know we had to sing the chorus of the song and dance. 
It was a bit awkward at first, but we had fun and what a great memory for our first time at Washington Sq. Park! Maybe, just maybe if we like the video I'll share it with you guys!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

(Perry Ellis collared shirt, vintage sweater, Anthropologie pants, Timberland boots)


  1. i like the patchwork pants you can tell nigel to suck it

  2. I love your style and your sun glasses are just amazing.

  3. Love the denim on denim!

    <3 Josephine