Tuesday, June 5, 2012

O v e r sized O v e r alls

It's my second post and I'm already back to posing in my yard, yet again. Eek, sorry! I promise it'll be somewhere different next time. Anywhoooo...it's not every day you see a blonde haired boy strutting around Raleigh, NC in overalls. Hehe! That would be me. If only, if only you could have seen the strange glares that I got from strangers today. Even when I saw my close friend her mouth dropped. She said [And I quote] "That's taking a risk, but you look super cute."What the hell does that mean? "Taking a risk" How am I suppose to respond? Like: "Ooh, yeah I took a risk because wearing overalls is so dangerous!" It's not like anyone was going to say anything. Sorry not sorry for loving fashion.

These are my mom's vintage GAP overalls. I'm calling them vintage because 1. They're from the 80's, and 2. Who shops at the GAP anymore besides soccer moms? I kid, I kid...but as soon as she wipped these bad boys out last night they were i m m m m m m m e d i a t e l y thrown onto my body. I'm kind of obsessed. What do you think? Can overalls make a comeback?