Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Photos by: Alice Burnett

Sunnies: ASOS, Shirt: Cardigan, Overalls: Current Elliott, Shoes: Birkenstock

This is probably one of my favorite summer outfits. So easy, so breezy, so cute. This day, last week, I went out for oysters in Williamsburg with my two friends Noelani & Alice at a new favorite spot called Maison Premiere. What else is there to do from 4-7pm besides slurping down AMAZING oysters and beer? After a night full of aphrodisiacs, the night became super chilly and I wish I'd at least tied a cardigan around my waist. 
Honestly, where did summer go? I mean, of course I had fun with great friends on those drunken nights we will never be able to recall, but this summer has truly flown by! I can feel the days becoming cooler and the nights at a bearable chill which can only mean one thing --- FALL IS IN SESSION! I can't get too excited though, because of course summer leads to fall, and fall leads to that deadly NYC winter I will NEVER be able to tolerate but hey, at least sweater season is approaching! 
For now I'lll just prance around in the city in these denim overall shorts until its cold enough to where I have to throw on a full sweater.


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  2. Wow! I love how you paired your berks with the look and the sunnies really pulled the whole look together! You have such an eye for all things fine! I am a huuuge fan! Are you doing any meet and greets any time soon?...possibly in Russia? We adore you here!!! Xoxox

  3. Pretty look! I love your sunnies. you look wonderful here! :)


  4. Great overall, love your look :)

  5. So cool style! love it your sunnies, thanks for your visit.

  6. So cool style! love it your sunnies, thanks for your visit.

  7. very visually arresting and fun article dear!! me super enjoyed reading it ♥ ♥

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  8. this is way too cool!!! :D summer perfect outfit!

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  9. Super chic and cool look. Love it.